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Claim Information

Have an automobile or homeowners claim?  It's your first claim or you're not exactly sure what to do.  If it's during our business hours, please give us a call at 978 851 2727, we would be happy to assist you.  In the event that it is after hours or on the weekend, here is some information to assist you and make the process go smoother.

Auto Claims should be called in directly to Commerce Insurance at 800-221-1605.  You will need to have the other party's  information (vehicle year, make & model), address, phone, insurance co.  If you are the named insured, they can look up your policy information with your name and address or license number.  If someone other than the named insured was driving your vehicle, Commerce will want to have a statement from them.

Once the claim is set up, you will also need to complete a Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Report.  You can access this and print from our site.  Refer to the Important links on our home page.  Once this form is completed, you can mail, email or drop off a copy to us for the insurance company.  Another copy goes to the police dept. of the city/town where the accident occurred and the last copy to the RMV.

Mail to:   Crash Records
               Registry of Motor Vehicles
               P.O. Box 55889
               Boston, MA 02205-5889

Glass only Claims - If you need a windshield or window replaced, please give us a call.  We must confirm this coverage and refer you to a glass company.  They will bill Commerce Insurance directly.

Renting a car while your car is in the shop or while on vacation - You should know:
Your collision and comprehensive coverages provide protection, less your deductable, for most direct damage to a rental or borrowed car.  HOWEVER, many rental company contracts make you responsible for their loss rental income while the damaged car is being repaired.  (These fees are not covered by your auto insurance policy.)  Note that some credit cards provide this coverage at no extra cost, when used to pay for the car rental.  You should check with your credit card company for available coverages prior to renting the vehicle.

We recommend that you carefully read and understand the rental agreement BEFORE you sign it.

If you travel to Mexico, you need to purchase an auto policy in that country.  This is done thru the car rental company.

Homeowners Claims
If it's during our business hours, please give us a call at 978 851 2727, we would be happy to assist you.  If it is after hours, please refer to the  phone numbers  below.

Water Damage - The first 48 hours after water damage can be critical in preventing or containing mold growth.  Remove as much water as possible by mopping or using a wet vac.  Use fans to circulate the air and speed up the drying process.  We can refer you to companies that specialize in this service.

Fire & Smoke Damage - You should have a professional service come and clean up fire, smoke and water damage.  We can refer you to companies that specialize in this service.

Commerce Insurance - Emergency Claim Line - 800 922 8276

Union Mutual - Emergency Claim Line (After hours or weekends only)  800 671 8552

Massachusetts Property Insurance - Emergency Claim Line - 800 392 6108

Once your claims have been set up and you have any further questions, please contact us by phone (978 851 2727 or email).  We will be happy to assist you and follow-up with the claims department on your behalf. 

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